the blue cat (a_blue_moon_cat) wrote in green_dragon,
the blue cat

a wee bit OT: Peter S. Beagle, screenwriter for the animated LOTR films, needs our help

Can we think of and help one of our own great writers of fantasy?

This info comes from his publisher, btw. And it's a sad story. An old one, of how a creative person does not get credit or money for his hard and wonderful work.

Peter S. Beagle needs support in the fight to get him his due for the animated versions of THE LAST UNICORN and THE LORD OF THE RINGS. To learn all the details — and find out how you can help — go to:

His financial needs are great, esp. to pay his mother's medical bills. He's never been properly paid for all the work done on the films of 'The Last Unicorn' and the animated 'Lord of the Rings'.

Please pass this info on to all fans you know and all fandom-related email lists, fannish Usenet newsgroups, and of course any fandom web-based messages boards like Ezboards or LiveJournal.

I have no connection with Mr. Beagle or his publisher, I'm just passing on the info in hopes that it can be of help to him and his mother.

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