Matt Busch (planetmatt) wrote in green_dragon,
Matt Busch

One Ring to Rule Them All...

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to share some of my LORD OF THE RINGS: EVOLUTION Sketch Cards with you...

The interesting thing about these cards was that they printed a nice medium tone, which gave the cards a more classic look, but it also gave the option of adding some vague highlights with white color pencil.

Other than that, I have to say, these cards are fairly difficult for me to do. I used to drawing much larger, so trying to get a solid little masterpiece onto a small trading card that's just inches of space is not easy...

But that's nitpicking. I'd be lying if I said these weren't a hoot to do. :)

Image hosted by

Hope you enjoy! I'll be posting lots of CONJURE news soon, as well as some STAR WARS tidbits... :)
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