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Newbie Post with Art!

Hey all!
I just joined & figured I'd link & post some of my LotR art:

Battle Scene (those are kilts, not skirts)
Gandalf (no, unicorns aren't canon)
Frodo Playing Card (some day I'll do a whole set, but this was just a "tester" to see if I could do it at all)
Elrond Tarot Card (another "tester"...and yes, his hair is the wrong color...sorry!)

Title: Tom Bombadil & Fatty Lumpkin
Characters: ...
Rating: G
Notes: Tom looks a bit manic, but Fatty's pretty cute.
Tom Bombadil & Fatty Lumpkin by BogFrog
Title: Frodo Makes Some New Friends
Characters: Frodo, Nazgul Horses
Rating: G
Notes: Friends...or foes?
Frodo Makes Some New Friends by BogFrog
Title: Legolas
Characters: ditto
Rating: G
Notes: A very small sketch, just practice.
Legolas by BogFrog

And I'm currently working on a Fellowship painting...hopefully will have it finished sometime next week. :)


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